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The Search for Significance

Somewhere on the road to nowhere
Lies the mystery of all that matters.
Yet the search for significance
Is much too elusive, much too coy,
To simply sell her secrets
To the highest bidder.

Like the light that shines
When no one is watching,
Truth, that eternal verity, is spawned
Neither in artifice nor mental contrivance
But rather in simplicity so fine
So subtle that it alone
Can elude the blade of Occam's razor.

But know this and recognize the irony,
The search for simplicity
Yields systems, creeds, and structures
Which, in service to themselves,
Would defy the very intent of
Your noble quest.

Seek not, therefore, simplicity
If it's significance you desire.
Rather, abandon complexity,
Ideology and vain fabrications of mind
And you will surely find,
After much peeling and paring,
The narrow road to nowhere where
Significance resides.

		 Lon Roberts

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