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Family Histories & Memoirs

"I wish I had taken more time to listen to the advice and stories of my grandparents and parents. I regret that I didn't go to them and say tell me about your life, I bet they had some great stories."

If you've ever gazed at a fading photo of an ancestor, wishing you knew more about that person—his or her stories, life challenges, successes, lessons learned, or personal account of historical events—then you understand the importance of capturing and recording these stories and remembrances before they are lost and gone forever. These stories and remembrances not only honor the life of your loved one, they also serve as an important link from generation to generation as part of your family heritage and legacy.

Pneuma Center offers support in capturing and documenting the life-stories of a loved one—perhaps an elderly parent, grandparent, aunt, or uncle. Or, in the case of a recently-deceased loved one, we can gather and compile these stories from family members or close friends while the memories of the loved one are still fresh.

The end-product can either be a CD or DVD recording—if an oral record is desired—or a written memoir that might include photos and a written chronology of significant life-events.

Give us a call or send us a message if you would like to discuss the options and fees for engaging our services in documenting the life of a loved one ... hopefully sooner rather than later, before the memories and stories fade with time and are lost forever.

For information on Family Histories and Memoirs, call us at (972) 985-1731 or send an e-mail message by clicking <here>.

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