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Baby Welcoming
Baby Naming Ceremonies

We live, not by things, but by the meaning
of things. It is needful to transmit the passwords
from generation to generation.


- Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Whether by natural birth or adoption, the arrival in the home of a new baby is a joyous occasion . . . a significant moment in the life of the child and all who will play a role in nurturing her or him through the challenging times ahead.

Pneuma Center offers officiating services for baby welcoming ceremonies to pay tribute this very special occasion. This ceremony,  also referred to as a baby naming ceremony, can be customized to include ceremonial elements that have special meaning to certain cultures and traditions. Also, since the ceremony is interactive, the mood is relaxed and informal, rather than somber or pious . . . a joyous celebration of life and love!

The ceremony itself is typically conducted in the presence of family and friends who are invited to join the celebration and pledge their lifelong love and support for the child. In this sense, a welcoming ceremony is to the arrival of a new baby what a wedding ceremony is to the union of two people in marriage. For this reason, a baby welcoming or naming ceremony might appeal to any of the following:

> Couples who want to have a special ceremony for their baby, but without religious overtones
> Couples who do not share a common religious heritage but wish to have a special ceremony that includes customs, rituals, readings, etc. that are special to them and consistent with the values they have in common
> Couples who want special ceremony that brings family and friends together to pledge their lifelong love and support for their baby and to share in the joy of the baby's arrival

While the ceremony can be customized to reflect the values of the family or the customs of a certain tradition, a typical ceremony would include the following:

> Welcoming Words
> Meaning & Significance of the Ceremony
> Poem, Reading, or Anecdote
> Candle Ceremony
> Grandparents' Pledge
> What's In a Name
> Parents' Pledge
> Blessing
> Group Song (Child of Love)
> Spring Water Toast

This ceremony focuses on the child and the family's lifelong love and support for the child.  For this reason, it may be conducted in lieu of or addition to a christening or baptismal ceremony, or a simchat bat or brit milah ceremony.

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