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Inspiring & Joyful Seminars

The Pneuma Center offers seminars designed to enhance relationships, improve communications, cope with change, and live a more fulfilling life...seminars that build skills, stretch your mind, and lift your spirit.  Private coaching is also available in face-to-face sessions, via the phone, or using a combination of the two. Here is a synopsis of the life enrichment seminars we offer:

 • Embracing Change: Excellence in Life and Work
Managing Relating and Communicating Styles
Managing Conflict and Difficult People
Powerful Painless Presentations

 • Silent Signals

Embracing Change: Excellence In Life and Work

This seminar provides the tools you and your team need to achieve your goals and live a purposeful life, regardless of external circumstances and events you can't control. You will learn how to thrive in the face of change and uncertainty, how to transform personal and professional relationships, and how to sustain drive, energy and enthusiasm. Your life will be forever changed by the skills you learn in this seminar—skills that will benefit you in your career as well as your personal life—skills that will put fear on the run by nurturing its natural enemies. This is a 1-day seminar. Private coaching is also available in this area.

Managing Relating and Communicating Styles

Develop expertise to immediately increase your interpersonal skills with people-in both your business and personal relationships. Learn valuable techniques to quickly develop rapport and avoid communication "disconnects" with colleagues, customers, and suppliers. Discover how to enhance your skills to overcome barriers in both written and oral communication. Develop skills to accommodate different relating and communicating styles for enhanced team performance. Also, learn techniques to avoid counter-productive and costly personality conflicts.

Managing Conflict and Difficult People

Nothing kills teamwork and saps productivity and enthusiasm like conflict and confrontation. Nor is anything more distressing than trying to work with people who appear to thrive on conflict, strife, and confrontation . . . whether they be customers, co-workers, subordinates, or family members. This timely workshop builds skills in dealing with these issues . . . stress, conflict, difficult people, confrontational situations . . . both on the job and in your personal life.

Powerful Painless Presentations

You will learn practical skills to quickly design and develop a powerful persuasive presentation. This seminar emphasizes how to get and keep an audience's attention, how to present your message with confidence, clarity, and conviction whether to one or to hundreds. You will learn specific techniques to control nervousness and fear. Also, how to deal with "difficult" audience members. Presentations will be videotaped and coaching will be provided.

Silent Signals

Discover the "silent signals" that you and everyone consciously or unconsciously use that "speak" louder than words. Learn to "read" your internal and external customers through their actions as well as their words. Characteristics such as gestures, eye movement and mannerisms relay important information that influences perception, behavior and ultimately critical outcomes -- hiring decisions, or whether you gain a sale or lose it. It's vital to be aware and more importantly to interpret what those characteristics mean. Do they need reassurance or are they hiding something? What silent signals are you sending - openness and confidence or frustration and nervousness? Develop your skills to adjust your silent signals to project confidence and trust.

For information on one or more of these seminars, click <here>.

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