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The Law of Positive Expectation

Perhaps you've heard of the Power of Positive Thinking . . . the notion that you can change your life by changing your outlook. While I embrace this concept, I believe a related principle may have even greater significance in the realm of relationships. I call this the “Law of Positive Expectation” . . . a law of human nature that redirects the “who” in positive thinking. With the Law of Positive Expectation one partner provides the expectation that will reinforce certain behaviors in the other. By “expectation” I'm not referring to the way you think your partner should act in a certain situation, but rather the “grand expectation” . . . the promise, the potential you see in that person, perhaps in terms of the quality of the person even more than the accomplishment of goals. Think about it: Do you see your partner as a success? Do you build him/her up with your words, your actions, your thoughts? Positive thinking has its place but a true soul-mate relationship has something more to offer: the opportunity to benefit from the Law of Positive Expectation. You've heard it said that we all need someone to believe in us. All the more important this is when that “someone” is a person who really matters in your life, a person whose opinion you cherish: your true soul-mate.

Let the Law of Positive Expectation work its magic in your relationship.

― Lon Roberts

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