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Spiritual But Not Religious

The comedian, Lenny Bruce, once remarked that "Every day people are straying away from the church and going back to God." If you are one of the many who have had a less than satisfying experience with so-called institutionalized religion, you can probably identify with this remark. After making the heart-wrenching decision to break away from a religion in which you have invested so much, you may have even felt a sense of freedom that was difficult to explain. If so, I submit that what you experienced is a liberation of your inner spirit, perhaps a lifting of the fear and guilt that every religion uses, to some degree, to exercise control over its followers. In essence you have chosen to reclaim your "inner self" from a complex, man-made system of rites, dogmas, edifices, and castes of clergy -- a system that is all too happy to co-opt matters of the heart if you will let it. If "the church" has failed you, remind yourself that you, me, all of us are spiritual beings, whether or not we choose to follow the teachings of a particular religion or religious icon.

Religions come and religions go, but the spirit that dwells within you is eternal. I urge you to listen to the voice of your inner spirit. Nurture it with spiritual food. And, then trust it, where religions may have failed, to guide you through the difficult times in your life and your relationships.

― Lon Roberts

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