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Which Moment Are You Living In?

Have you ever suddenly became aware of something that has been in plain view all along? This often happens to me when I am a passenger, rather than the driver, in a car that is traveling a well-known route. For a multitude of reasonable reasons we tend to dwell on things that WERE and WILL BE rather than things that ARE. Psychologists tell us that this thin slice of time we think of as NOW consists of only a few short moments on either side of a heartbeat. The rest, of course, is THEN, consisting of the THEN-past and the THEN-future. Measured in units of time, NOW is like a fleeting vapor compared to THEN. Yet, every decision we make, every act we perform, every thought we think, indeed, every breath we take is a product of NOW. Important though they may be, we tend to squander our precious NOWs by obsessing over the events of THEN. We find it hard to forgive someone NOW because we're thinking about how that person wronged us THEN. We fail to enjoy the laughter of a child NOW because we are preoccupied with concerns over a business deal tomorrow. I would challenge you to pay close attention to how you are spending your NOWs. Plan for the future, of course. Reflect on the past, certainly. But, don't allow the events of THEN to rob you of the joy and beauty of the moment.

Start living your life NOW!

― Lon Roberts

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