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Parenthood Counseling
for New and Expectant Parents

"If someone tells you their marriage didn't change, they're not being honest with you. When you go from just you and your spouse to you, your spouse and a baby, things will change."


- An anonymous mother

Having a baby will change your life and your relationship with your partner in ways that few can anticipateand fewer still are prepared to deal with. Some have aptly labeled this climactic transition as a change in the center of your universe.  Furthermore, you will not be afforded the luxury of time to "ramp up" to these changes and difficult adjustments—challenges that can take a toll on an otherwise healthy relationship.

Pneuma Center offers parenthood and relationship-adjustment counseling for both expectant parents and new parents, whether the baby arrives by natural birth or adoption. The intent is to prepare you and your partner—emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually—for the challenges of bringing a new baby into your home and into the center of your relationship. The program is intended for couples who have a healthy relationship and wish to sustain the joy of their relationship before, during, and after the arrival of their baby.

The program in its entirety consists of the following three private sessions, each of which is 2-hours in duration:

Pre-Birth Session: Having a happy, healthy relationship during pregnancy, focusing on emotional challenges that can put a strain on your relationship in the months leading up to delivery
Post-Birth Session: Preparing your life and your relationship for the arrival of your baby, focusing on challenges from without and within that accompany the arrival of a new baby
Pre-Toddler Session: Keeping your relationship vibrant after the arrival of your baby, focusing on maintaining your "sanity" and your relationship after the bliss of having a baby wears off and the reality of the day-to-day challenges sets in

You can take advantage of any one or all three of the sessions, depending on where you are in the process as well as your personal circumstances. Contact us for additional information or if you would like to schedule times for one or more private sessions.

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