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Considerations in Choosing an Officiant

The exchange of vows is the focal point of the entire wedding ceremony ... the reason for the ceremony in the first place ... the reason people travel from near and far to witness this important occasion. Consequently, the choice of an officiant should rank at the very top of your priority list when selecting service providers for your wedding. Bear in mind that this person will quite literally be at the front-and-center of your ceremony.

Couples who identify with the "spiritual but not necessarily religious" mantra will likely have different criteria for selecting an officiant than those who want a traditional "church wedding." With this in mind, we offer the following as a list of factors you may wish to consider in selecting the person who will officiate your ceremony:

__ Does this person require us to pass a religious "litmus test"?
__ Does he/she insist on being addressed as "reverend"?
__ Does he/she cite theological training as the basis for his/her qualifications?
__ Will he/she agree there'll be no "surprises"
such as a sermon or lecture
__ Is he/she okay with a non-traditional ceremony?
__ Will he/she impose restrictions on the attire?
__ Will his/her own attire promote a particular religious ideology?
__ Will our beliefs and value system be honored and respected?
__ Is pre-marital counseling mandatory?
__ Is pre-marital counseling available, if desired?
__ Is this person quick to respond to my inquiries?
__ How many ceremonies has he/she officiated?
__ What is this person's track record in his/her own relationships?
__ Will he/she meet with us in advance and at no obligation?
__ Are we free to write some or all of our own vows?
__ Will he/she work with us to customize our vows?
__ Will our vows be used verbatim, as reviewed and approved?
__ Will he/she accommodate last-minute changes in the vows?
__ How much time does he or she allow between same-day ceremonies?
__ How far will he/she travel?
__ Will he/she participate in a rehearsal?
__ What are the fees? What do they include and not include?
__ Do I have any uneasy feelings about this individual?
__ Did I genuinely connect with this person?
__ Are my guests likely to connect with this person?
__ Will he/she bring an air of dignity to the ceremony?

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