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Selecting a Wedding Facility

The choice of a wedding facility is no small matter. Compromises will likely be required, but here is a list of factors you may wish to consider in selecting a facility that are based on our experience in officiating numerous weddings:

Is the facility large enough to accommodate my needs number of guests, size of the wedding party, aisles wide enough for the bride and her escort, floor space for the musicians?

Does it have provisions for elderly guests or those who may be handicapped ramps, parking spaces, moveable seating to accommodate wheelchairs? 

Are there dressing rooms for the wedding party?

Does it have a waiting area for the bride a place she can get to/from without being seen by the groom?

Does it have restrooms for the guests that are separate from the rooms where the wedding party will be waiting?

Are candles allowed, e.g., for a unity candle or candelabras?

Is wine allowed, e.g., for a Wine Ceremony?

Are there any religious symbols or religious iconography that I or my guests might find objectionable?

Is the heating/air conditioning system adequate for the size of my ceremony? Is it quiet while running and when it turns on?

Is there an adequate reception room spacious, easy to get to, dance floor, place for DJ, adjustable lighting, power outlets?

Are alcoholic beverages allowed in the reception area?

Will I need to pay for any additional required support parking valet, bartender, off-duty police officer to monitor underage drinkers?

Is there ample free parking for the guests and is it close to the facility?

If guests must park in a parking garage, will the parking fee be waived or included in our facility fee?

Is there an on-site coordinator I will work with from beginning to end?

What are the "turnkey" costs, fixed and variable, based on the size of the event?

Is the facility easy for guests to locate and does it have a physical address that can be located on GPS or an online map?

Does the facility have a website with helpful information for guests  map link, parking/wheelchair access info, menu?

Can I bring my own equipment, e.g., microphone, sound system, video projector, screen, tables, arch, candelabras?

Are power receptacles available for lighting, musical equipment, camcorders, etc.?

How agreeable is the host to flex and/or work with me on special requirements and/or last-minute changes?

Does the look and feel of the facility, inside and out, fit the mood I wish to establish for my ceremony?

What other events will be going on at (or near) the facility at the same time as my ceremony?

Is the facility available for a rehearsal?

Special considerations for outdoor weddings:

Is there an indoor facility nearby that can be used in the event of inclement weather?

Is there street noise to contend with, e.g., busy road or intersection, motorcycles, etc.?

Are there any nearby police/fire stations or hospitals i.e., emergency vehicles with sirens, clangors, or horns?

Is the facility in the flight path for low-flying aircraft?

Are there any nearby businesses or public activities that might create noise interference or light interference at night?

What's the outside noise level likely to be on the day-of-the- week and time-of-day of my ceremony?

Can water fountains be turned off?

What safeguards are in place to ensure the sprinkler system won't automatically turn on?

Are the walkways paved i.e., are they high-heel and wheelchair friendly?

Are there any overhanging trees that might pose a bird-dropping hazard?

In the case of an evening ceremony, is there lighting and is it sufficient for the officiant to read the vows and for the guests to read the program?

Where will the sun be for the duration of the ceremony?

Is a wireless microphone and outdoor PA system available?

Is outdoor electrical power available for fans, portable lighting, sound systems, etc.?

Are restrooms available for the guests?

Are there any restrictions on using wine or other alcoholic beverages outdoors?

Are folding chairs or other seating provided?

Who is responsible for the setup and tear down?

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